Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cold pressed from top quality fruit.
Gruyere, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

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La Grue OLIVES extra virgin olive oil is 100% grown and made in Australia. It is pure, cold pressed oil rich in antioxidants and natural nutrients. The varieties Leccino, Pendulino, Kalamata, Coratina and Taggiasca are grown and processed in Victoria.

La Grue olives are pressed shortly after harvest to retain the freshness and full flavour of the fruit.

La Grue olive oil is suitable for a wide range of purposes including salad dressings, topping warm foods, shallow frying and deep fat frying.

La Grue Olives 21 Gruyere Rd Gruyere 3770 Victoria Australia Phone: 03 5964 9296 www.lagrueolives.com.au

Last update: 1/5/2017
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